What We Do

Making birth safer in sub-saharan Africa.

We are working to address the tragedy and injustice to women who die every year in pregnancy and childbirth.

303,000 women die every year from complications in child-birth which occur mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa. 99% of all these deaths are avoidable with the right medical care and resources.

These women should not be dying. So we are taking action by providing:


We send medications across Sub-Saharan Africa to treat & prevent the biggest killer of women during child-birth; Post-Partum Haemorrhage. It only takes 3-5 tablets to prevent/treat the condition.

Midwifery Training

Having a baby in Sub-Saharan Africa can be the most dangerous thing a woman can do. We train Midwives with the most up-to-date obstetric healthcare knowledge to save the lives of women during child-birth.


We are working towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good health & well-being and Goal 4: Gender Equality.


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